Friday, June 14, 2013

AbleRoad App- A Review

Welcome Back! 

Today we wanted to share an app available in iTunes, Google Play and on your desktop called AbleRoad. Travel apps are more and more common now and this one is geared towards providing valuable information about accessibility.

How It Works:

 Just like Urbanspoon and other apps, it allows you to provide a quick review of businesses in your area. When you search for a restaurant/hotel, etc. it immediately brings up their Yelp review
Below that you will see options for adding your review, as much or as little as you would like to add.

A really great feature of the app is that you can rate may different areas important to people, divided up into several groups of disabilities. You can click on an area (like 'mobility') and rate the attraction on various mobility related areas (restrooms, counters, entryways) in a simple 5 star based system. Not only does this provide the reader more details they may need, it is super easy for the user to add their input! 

Above is the review we left for a restaurant in Louisville. It took all about 3 minutes to add all the info we had. Now someone else will have more information to make their visit even easier! (Oh, and if you like French food-definitely try La Coop. And order whatever is the crepe of the day- you won't be sorry!)

So far we are big fans of the app-we found it easy to use, easy to navigate. However, the power of apps like this (and Urbanspoon, etc.) is when MANY people add their reviews! Consider adding this to your mobile device and start adding reviews from places you love in your home town. The more reviews there are the more influence the app will have.The app is brand new and we really look forward to seeing where they take it. Since Yelp reviews are accessible on the AbleRoad app, we would LOVE to see Ableroad reviews visible on Yelp. Another feature that would make this app more appealing and on par with others is more photos or the ability to share your own photos. What 'small step up' means to one person is not the same to everyone. A quick snapshot of the entryway would really improve the user experience.

We would love to hear what you think about the app AbleRoad. Have you tried it? What was your experience?

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